Sobre Serra de Outes

Outes is located adjacent to the estuary that feeds in to the «rias de Muros y Noia» (Bay of Muros and Noia) at the very bottom of the bay itself. The famous medieval town of Noia is only a short distance away and is reached by traversing a large and very impressive looking bridge that suspends you over one hundred feet above the river «Tambre».

Outes is yet another fishing port, but also has (or had) ship building facilities just off shore. A large timber yard still exists and makes a part, at least, of this coastline look somewhat industrial.

If you look inland from Outes, you are faced with a mountainous and hilly backdrop that is very much a part of this region. Looking in to the bay you see what appears to be a large lagoon with no visible view of the bays mouth and open sea.

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